Welcome to the PLANELOGIX referral program! We hope you are as excited about digitizing maintenance records as we are, but even if you are not, you have come to the right place to do a couple of good things: 1) help protect the value of your friend or client's aircraft and 2) generate a token of appreciation while doing so.

{primary} An aircraft's maintenance records comprise 20-50% of an aircraft's value...

The whole point of this referral program is to help you generate commissions quickly and easily for a fairly complex project. We've streamlined pricing and quoting to help you meet your goals.

So, You're a Maintenance Shop...

This program is a fantastic way to subsidize, and even completely cover the costs of, our maintenance shop platform offered through PLANELOGIX. Our shop platform features:

  • A complete ecosystem connecting maintenance shops to their customers
  • Sophisticated quote and work order work flows
  • Electronic signatures
  • Inventory management
  • No contracts
  • ... give it a thought!

As part of our referral platform, we'll send you brochures which you can provide to your customers during an annual or at any other time. An annual is a great time to have us scan your customers logs. It's possible the records will be fully transcribed and available for you to review online either through the maintenance portal, or, free of charge on the owner's account if they send you an invite.

Learn more here: PLANELOGIX MRO Platform

{success} Psst.. it's also very inexpensive

So, You're an FBO...

Whether you are selling fuel or services, you likely run into dozens of individuals every day. The check-in or checkout process is a perfect time to introduce the program to your customers. Additionally, you can ask your line personnel to hand out a brochure as customers come in. This is a great way to generate revenue for you and your operation.

So, You're a Pilot...

As pilots, we are always looking for ways to buy some more fuel... our referral platform is perfect for you! If you have friends or family who you think would be interested in our program, sign-up today and get started!

{primary} You can get started today by using our easy to use registration form