3 Ways to Earn


There are essentially 3 ways you can earn money via this referral program.

  • Direct Sales
  • Redemptions

Direct Sales

You are the best resource to get a customer started on his or her digitization program. The price grid provides better pricing, in some cases, significantly better, than we even offer on the phone to give you the upper hand when pitching the product. We are notified when a user signs up, and we get in touch with them ASAP to coordinate a time for them to send us their logbooks. Once received, your commission is finalized.


Redemptions take two forms- either via a linked quote sent by you to the customer, which can result in automatically earning a commission or with the customer manually redeeming your referral code at /redeem. The marketing literature you provide to your customer should contain your referral code and will explain how your prospect can redeem the code online.

Customers who redeem your code at /redeem will automatically show up on your "External Referrals" table. These commissions are awarded manually by PLANELOGIX.


If customers call in and provide us with your referral code (we typically ask how/where a customer heard about us... so we will make sure to ask for the referral code or location if prudent), we will take note of it and add them ourselves to your external referrals list. This will help you keep track of who has taken interest in the program you have offered them.