Generating referrals on our system is a cinch. To make things even easier, and to keep everyone on the same page, the system also tracks your referral progress- how much we owe you, your total volume, etc.

Generating a Referral

Once you are on the /referrals page, you can sign-up and generate a referral or create and send a quote by clicking the grid value that pertains to your customer's aircraft category and engine type, as well as total time on airframe. In the example below, we have a Twin Engine Turboprop with 1500-2000 TTAF

{primary} The black values shown on the grid represent the price to the customer. The green values are what you stand to earn as a commission if the customer signs up.

Clicking the grid value pertinent to your customers project will open up a modal where you can add your customers information and either send a quote or finalize the transaction. Finalized transactions will appear in table labeled "Your Completed Referrals" towards the bottom of the screen.


Payouts can be earned by both free and paying referral agents. The dollar amount you will generate per referral is dependant on which plan you choose. Selecting a free plan will give you the lowest commission rate, whereas the highest paying plan will earn you the highest commission rate.

{success.fa-dollar-sign} Our premium referral plans can easily earn you over $100 per commission.

Payouts can be distributed only once you have set up your Stripe Connect account and have provided us with accurate checking account information. Stripe services the accounts, and will check the application forms for completeness and accuracy. Free users must first generate $50 in referral commissions before they can connect their checking accounts to ours. Stripe will issue you a 1099 as necessary.

{primary} Once a user has signed up, a payout will be distributed once the customers logbooks have arrived and are in our possession.

Payouts While On a Free Plan

Users who have selected a free plan must first generate $50 in commissions before they are eligible to set up their checking account information and receive their payouts.