Executive Referral Program


This partnership program is intended to set up a referral program for FBOs, maintenance facilities, and entrepreneurial individuals with connections in aviation. Partnering with PLANELOGIX to earn some capital and provide a much needed service to General Aviation has never been easier. Our new digitization platform has officially launched at, and we are working on building global network with industry stakeholders. Enrollment in our program is hassle free and generating referrals is a cinch.

An aircraft's maintenance records are worth between 25-50% of an aircraft's value. The digitization packages you can offer are a no-brainer financially and will not only serve to protect the aircraft's value, but can even add value when it comes time to sell. Once onboarded with a digitization package, user's transcribed maintenance records will be 100% text searchable and other documents can be conveniently organized and browsed online. Owners can invite other users to browse their records in a read-only or read-write capacity, which is great for when it's time to sell.

How It Works

Getting started is easy. First, head over to the register page and fill out the form. Once we've verified your information, we will contact you and activate your account. You can then select which referral plan package suits you best.

Once activated, you will be able to review the online help docs to get you started.

The Customer Pitch

Step 1

Contact Customer

For example, lets say your customer purchases fuel or services from you. When convenient, you can introduce the program to the customer, provide a brochure with your referral code on it, and eventually benefit.

Step 2

Introduce The Program

A little education can go a long way. Explain the two services offered through this program- a simple scan or a transcription package. Give the customer a brochure with your referral code on it so they can sign themselves up on Or, alternatively log in and use this site's dashboard to complete the sale.

Step 3

Track your progress
Use the dashboard to track users who have either signed up using our website or who you have signed up. Our dashboard will keep track of confirmed sign-ups and your monthly KPI's.

Step 4

Receive Payment

You will receive payment 30 days after your customer's logbook project has been started by PLANELOGIX. Payments are seamless and automatic.


Pricing is simple and comes in two flavors based on which marketing package you want. You can easily recoup your investment with a single sale and the cost is meant to cover the cost of your marketing materials.